Two Swells

Waves with Pat Cronshaw, Congo Boards Bodyboards, Chris Schlegel, Graham Chapman, Rod Dy, John Mangini, Pat TheViking Hemenway, Steven Vitale, Haig Bakhtiarian, Chuck Guarino, and Vince Boulanger


The Viking Pro Model

Pat “The Viking” Hemenway Pro Model has gone into production and will be available online and in surf shops worldwide soon! The Viking model is ideal for dropknee in all conditions. All around dropknee board and also built for some prone riding. Check back soon for online availability..


theViking Profile

Name: Pat (theviking) Hemenway
Age: 22
Home break: Belmar Bowls
Years riding: since i was little
Board size: 42.5
Favorite thing about congo: everything!
Dream trip: some were with a frame drainers with fat sections and sharing them with the boys!
Favortie quote: Slap Lips Not People!
Current Board: The Viking model
Travels: east coast west coast Pr and many more to come!
Sponsors: Congo bodyboards and Eastern lines surf shop!
Favortie move: All about Drop Knee anything.


DK All Day

DK all day with Team Rider Pat “TheViking” Hemenway. Here he is taking the Gorilla 42.5″ Custom PP with Rocker Nose on a test run through a solid East Coast tunnel.