Lawrence Profile

Name: Kenny Lawrence, Congo Team Manager / Pro Rider
Age: 35
Home break: Deerfield Beach, Florida, Reef Road, and “Dumps” Delaware
Years Riding: 26
Board Size: 42″
Favorite thing about Congo Boards: “The boards”, “The Congo Family”
Dream surf trip: Congo Team @ Cabo Mexico
Favorite Quote: “Live Like You Were Dying”, “You never know unless you ask”
Current board: Kenny Lawrence Pro Model
Travels: U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico
Sponsors: Congo Bodyboards, Reeflex Wetsuits, BBR Mag, BC Surf and Sport, Stoked Entertainment, Willie Barrio Photography,
Performance Amulet, Peter Stone, Alpha Campaign
Favorite move: Back Flip


Cabo Freak Fest

This pretty much sums up the chaos that is Cabo Freak Fest. Team Rider Kenny Lawrence drops in left at Lovers Beach while Manny Vargas gets the shot and onlooker claims the barrel! Riding the Gorilla 42″ PP PRO Kenny Lawrence Model.