To beat the summer heat and East Coast flat spell, Josh takes full advantage of this flowrider man made wave. This was his first time, totally different than riding an actual wave, but he picked it up quick and showed some impressive dropknee moves!


Lucido Profile

Name: Josh Lucido
Age: 15
Home break: Dumps/Bethany

Years riding: 5 years

Board size: 42″ for prone, 46″ for standup

Favorite thing about Congo Boards: The quality of the boards, and the skill/style of all the riders!

Dream surf trip: Indo and some unexplored island
Favorite Quote: “$omehow”
Current board: custom 42
Travels: east coast, puerto rico, Caribbean islands, and California
Fav. surf movie: Shaks n Shakas or Fu Man Chu

This pic is from a hurricane that hit, with some nice swell! I remember walking over the dune praying for good surf and looking seeing perfect barrels with no one out! I paddled out, and got some nice frothy barrels!” In this pic I’m riding a 42″ kl pro model


Sandy’s Puerto Rico

Josh riding the 42″ Congo Kong Edition, at Sandy’s Beach in Puerto Rico.  Smooth style in and out of the water, Josh is one of our youngest team riders and the future of Congo Boards.