Lucido Profile

Name: Josh Lucido
Age: 15
Home break: Dumps/Bethany

Years riding: 5 years

Board size: 42″ for prone, 46″ for standup

Favorite thing about Congo Boards: The quality of the boards, and the skill/style of all the riders!

Dream surf trip: Indo and some unexplored island
Favorite Quote: “$omehow”
Current board: custom 42
Travels: east coast, puerto rico, Caribbean islands, and California
Fav. surf movie: Shaks n Shakas or Fu Man Chu

This pic is from a hurricane that hit, with some nice swell! I remember walking over the dune praying for good surf and looking seeing perfect barrels with no one out! I paddled out, and got some nice frothy barrels!” In this pic I’m riding a 42″ kl pro model