Cabo Freak Fest

This pretty much sums up the chaos that is Cabo Freak Fest. Team Rider Kenny Lawrence drops in left at Lovers Beach while Manny Vargas gets the shot and onlooker claims the barrel! Riding the Gorilla 42″ PP PRO Kenny Lawrence Model.


Standup at Crash Boat

Check out these clips of James Russell enjoying a playful session at Crash Boat in Puerto Rico. Riding the Gorilla 44″ PP with Square edge.

Sandy’s Puerto Rico

Josh riding the 42″ Congo Kong Edition, at Sandy’s Beach in Puerto Rico.  Smooth style in and out of the water, Josh is one of our youngest team riders and the future of Congo Boards.


Alex Hillier Profile

Name: Alexander J Hillier
Age: 21
Home break: New Smyrna Inlet(shark bite capital of the world)
Years riding: 7-8 years
Board size: 41.5
Favorite thing about Congo Boards: like a family, great boards and good times on our trips!!
Dream surf trip: spend a long time in australia then go to indo for a bit!!
Favorite Quote: “YEWWWW!”
Current board: custom 41.5
Travels: east coast, puerto rico, costa rica
Sponsors: CONGO, steezy surfer clothing
Fav. move: A.R.S.



Casual Views

Pat Cronshaw steadily racking in his go pro points. Check out this vid, taking you deep into the tube with Pat and a sweet soundtrack..


Team Rider Kyle Latch takes cover on his new 42″ Kong. Custom Colors: White deck, rails, w/ blue piping and stamps! All boards come with FREE Congo Shirt and stickers!



Damian Dinham pulling into a clean Central Florida barrel. Riding 42″ Congo Square Nose.

A New View

Team Rider Pat Cronshaw gets creative with his Go Pro mount and brings a new view to his online audience. Check the vid!