Congo Team!!

Here is just a small preview of what has been going on this summer with the Congo Team! Always Wet!! Patrick Hemenway and Kyle Latch getting it!

Best Boards on this Planet

It’s safe to say we have one of the most stoked and versatile teams on the planet.  Shown below, from Hawaii to Florida and Delaware, our team is constantly in the water, pursuing new levels of wave riding, and pushing their riding with Congo Boards.  We are forever grateful of this team and the opportunity we have to share the gift of wave riding.  Congo Boards “The Best Boards on the Planet!” Join the movement and purchase a Congo Board today!

Custom Bodyboard by Congo

Here is our newest custom bodyboard, the ”cool whip.” No, we didn’t collaborate with the makers of sweet cream.  This board is simply a cool whip.  With a flat rocker template, this custom design is made with the versatile rider in mind.  The 43″ length makes this board capable of handling prone, dropknee, stand up, and skim riding styles.  The cool whip features an innovative crescent / v-tail with 3 channels for added control and speed, for down the line madness.  Try this board and find yourself creating sudden bursts of speed through average everyday turns.  Available in the online store: click here



Congo Team Trip Puerto Rico

Another successful team trip to Puerto Rico!  Although the waves weren’t anything to brag home about, we did score waist to chest high, warm, blue water every day.  The trip consisted mostly of driving from spot to spot and stopping for doughnuts in between.  Puerto Rico has the best bakeries around if you didn’t know.  Big thanks to the Boarding House for letting us stay again.  Below are a few photos by Alex Hillier.