New to the Team!

Name: Shanna Grafeld
Age: 30
Home break: St. Augustine Florida (formerly South shore O’ahu and Long Island NY back in the day)
Years riding: 15
Board size: 40″
Favorite thing about Congo Boards: The boards are made with quality materials in the US
Dream surf trip: Indo with good friends and good vibes
Favorite Quote: “The ultimate test of your greatness is how you treat every human being”
Current board: Custom congo
Favo. move: Getting barreled!
Board Specs:
I really like the dimensions of the board I’m riding right now because one of the biggest challenges as a lighter rider has been using boards that have way too much float for me. I really like these dimensions : Nose (11.5in), Nose-Wide point (14.25in), Wide point (20.5in-measured from widest point on each rail), Tail (18in), with a single stringer, nose grips, crescent tail, and 55/45 rails, 40″

The Don Pro Model

We would like to welcome Don Raby to the Team with two pro models sized at 42 and 43.5! These boards are designed primarily for prone riders in all conditions. All stamps are gold foil, and boards can be made to order in a variety of colors! Contact us for more details!! Shop Online

7′, 6′, & 5′ Congo Boards!

Congo Introduces its 5 ft Soft-top ” The Fin ” and its 6 and 7 foot Soft-tops ” The Whale”.  We start with an M-core Center and laminate it between 2-  3/4 inch pieces of plywood that encompasses the stringer.  The 2 pieces of M-core are straddled on each side of the stringer.  The Stringers bow makes the contour of the board when it is ripped out of the plywood.  (see pics)  The M-core is then shaved down and molded into shape.  Each board is hand made one by one in Oceanside California.  Boards come standard with a twin fin but one can opt for an FCS Twin and Quad variations.

Welcome to the Team!

Name: Jonathan González Molina
Age: 18
Home break: Hallow’s Arecibo Puerto Rico front of My house
Years riding: 2
Board size: 40.5
Favorite thing about Congo Boards: it’s an easy fit modern table it for maneuvers in any condition and type of wave.
Dream surf trip: México and Hawaii.
Favorite Quote: All proposed target can be achieved.
Current board: Wrider (40.5) Travels: and not traveled.
Sponsors: Congo
Favo. move: ARS, Rollo and Invert.

Jonathan Gonzalez representing Congo to the fullest in Puerto Rico!


New Team Rider

Congo Team Rider Bio Name:Charles Yates
Homebreak:El Unico Beach , Dorado
Years riding: 21 years
Board size:40.5 or 41 inches
Favorite thing about congo board : what i like about it is . That they very fast boards with good response and projection . Made in usa
Dream surf trip : Bali indonesia
Favorite quote:
Current board : custom congo
Travels :barbados , south carolina ( foley beach , break the washout)
Sponsors Congo Bodyboards
Fav. Move: ars , inverts , aerial reverse and Getting barrel !!