The Viking Pro Model

Pat “The Viking” Hemenway Pro Model has gone into production and will be available online and in surf shops worldwide soon! The Viking model is ideal for dropknee in all conditions. All around dropknee board and also built for some prone riding. Check back soon for online availability..



To beat the summer heat and East Coast flat spell, Josh takes full advantage of this flowrider man made wave. This was his first time, totally different than riding an actual wave, but he picked it up quick and showed some impressive dropknee moves!


Vitale Profile

Current Board: Congo 42’’
Contests or Free surf: Free Surf, still compete though (FBA/USBA)
Movies: Tahiti Skins, The Road
School/Degrees: Flagler College (Philosophy/Religion/Political Science)
Work: Personal Trainer, Hospitality Industry
Hobbies: Boog, Meditation, Exercise


Sandy Beach Pro

Congratulations to Congo Boards Bodyboards team rider Liana Carson for winning the Women’s Pro at the 2013 USBA Sandy Beach Pro! Way to go, Liana.. YEEEWWW!!!  —  at Sandys Beach.


Marshall Orr
Age: chronological 47 biological 32 When I am surfing 12
Home Break: Hakalau, Kolekole, Honolii
Years Riding: 26
Board Size: 42.5
Why Congo Boards? I am able to hit some nice ramps for back flips on Congo Boards as well as getting some deep barrels and coming out!
My dream surf trip would be to go to Indonesia, Tahiti, Australia, and New Zealand.
Favorite Quote: You are successful the moment you start to work towards a worthwhile goal.
Current Board: 42.5 Congo Team Edition
I have surfed all over the US including, ME, MA, NJ, DE, MD, NC, FL, TX, CA, WA, Hi, as well as Fiji, and Mexico.
My favorite move is the backflip.